Hanon Systems

Hanon Systems
  • 581 Arrowhead Dr
  • Carey, OH, 43316
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Hanon Systems USA, LLC  581 Arrohead Dr, Carey Ohio 43316  419-396-3971

Injection molding and assembly for the automotive industry

Customers:  Chrysler, Ford and GM

Plant Manager:  Thomas Charnesky

Employees:  140+

As one of the leading global thermal energy management solutions provider, Hanon Systems supplies the automotive industry with cutting-edge expertise and a full line of high-quality products focused on:


• Powertrain Cooling

• Compressors

• eMobility

• Fluid Transport

• Thermal & Emissions

Moving beyond conventional climate control systems,

Hanon Systems:

• Provides innovative solutions for eco-friendly and

high-efficiency thermal management

• Brings value to customers

• Delivers optimal occupant comfort

• Custom designs upon customer's request