Village of Carey

Village of Carey
  • 127 N. Vance St
  • Carey, OH, 43316
  • 419-396-7681
  • Website

As a small midwestern community of 3,674, Carey residents enjoy many benefits of a slower pace of life, as well as the advantages of our larger surrounding neighbors.

 Located in Northwest Ohio, we are the second largest community in Wyandot County. We are halfway between the state capital, Columbus, to the south and Toledo to the north. Our county name, Wyandot, taken from the name of a Native American Chief, is but one indicator of the rich history of the area.

As a Public Power community, we have owned and operated our own electric utility since 1909. In our ongoing efforts to control our electric rates in a changing economy, we are active members of a  multi-state consortium of fellow Public Power communities known as American Municipal Power (AMP). We are pursuing a portfolio approach to power supply, which includes wind, landfill gas, solar, hydro and renewable energy sources. We have entered into multiple contracts for long term and short term energy sources. Inevitably, rates will creep upward in the future, but we realize the necessity to keep the utility healthy and vital. It is of some consolation that even with increased rates, we, as a Public Power community, will still pay less than many Ohio residents. 

Sound leadership from our elected officials and administrative staff have helped make our community as environmentally proactive as possible, while also remaining flexible and citizen friendly.