Wurm's Woodworking Company

Wurm's Woodworking Company
  • 725 W. Mansfield St.
  • New Washington, OH, 44820
  • (419) 492-2184
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About Us: 

Reputable, family owned corporation with qualify management system currently in it's second & third generation 

Major Industries Served: 
Transportation Related Markets such as marine, bus, heavy truck and recreational vehicles.
Seating / Upholstery
Display / Point of Purchase
Food Processing
Waterpark SprayGround Equipment
Sound Proofing / Noise Control
Your industry not on this list? Many other markets also benefit from our products.


Cut-to-size component products from engineered, composite and plywood panels as well as high pressure laminates and polymer sheet materials.

Foil membrane press technology creating 3D profiles normally requiring separate edge molding treatment.

Plastics division thermoforms plastic products for various industries.

Seamless vinyl upholstery for recreational and sport vehicle market, ATV, utility vehicle, emergency medical and health care industries; complete cushions from our GR Golf division. 

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