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Diamond Wipes
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We are a proud American manufacturer.

Diamond Wipes is FDA and EPA registered wet wipe manufacturer and converter. Headquartered in Chino, California and holds an additional manufacturing facility in Bucyrus, Ohio. The company specializes in production of individually packaged wet wipes, flexible or rigid wet wipe packaging, and liquid, solid, and powder filling. There service includes primary assembly of wipe products and secondary assembly of display boxes and cases.

 For the past 24 years, we made a point to continue making all our wipes in the USA. We now service many the prominent customers, including some of the world's top 50 beauty and personal care brands. There is quite a bit that we can do — all the wipes that you need and some.

But above all, Diamond Wipes specializes in contract manufacturing of beauty wipes. Most popular packaging types include small sachets to individually wrap a wipe, and flexible soft pouches, which hold many wipes. We can toll or fully customize. We also fill sample size packets with liquid and cream — and each year we fill significant amount of these samples for our customers in skin, hair, and nail care.

With R&D housed on site, we hold many unique formulas to private label or customize. Popular formulas include makeup remover, face cleanser, body wash, nail polish remover, baby wipes, feminine hygiene, butt wipes, OTC antibacterial, and medicated antiseptic. We can also work with your formulas.

In addition to OEM manufacturing, Diamond Wipes distributes our own brands of wet wipes designed for professional use in industries including foodservice, hospitality, cleaning, and healthcare. We also offer both premium and value wipes for consumers.

FDA licensed and EPA registered. FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified. QAI certified for producing products with organic ingredients (NSF/ANSI-305 organic standard). NSF certified for cGMP. EPA Green Power Partner. WBENC and WOSB certified business.

Our products include: Wet wipes, hand cleaning wipes, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, disinfectant wipes, multipurpose cleaning wipes, table and window cleaning wipes, makeup remover wipes, nail polish remover pads, acne treatment pads (OTC), incontinence care wipes, hemorrhoid care wipes (OTC), baby wipes, antiperspirant wipes (OTC), deodorizing wipes, vinyl and leather cleaning wipes, wood surface cleaning wipes, shopping cart cleaning wipes, and more!