Milark Industries

Milark Industries
  • 536 South Airport Road
  • Mansfield, OH, 44903
  • 419-524-7627
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Milark Industries, Inc. is a privately owned, third generation company specilaizing in metal stamping, tube bending, welded parts and sub-assemblies.

Milark also has in-house equipment to handle deburring, tapping, sanding and buffing.

The company currently serves the automobile, motorcycle and appliance industries, as well as others. 

The company was founded in February 1988 and was established to fill the demand for motor vehicle component parts and assemblies. 

Milark has experinced significant growth in recent years, growing from six employees in 1988 to approximately 200 employees today.

Milark currently has 7 divisions.

Althouigh Milark has grown significantly, the company is still family owned.

Company Goals

To generate profits sufficient to provide job security for our employees.

To comply with the strictest principles of business ethics and integrity.

To remember our greatest assets are our employees.

To help each employee maximize his or her job satisfaction through development, encouragement, opportunity and reward.

To provide competitive wages and benefits.

To offer products and services of unparalleled quality.

To develop a reputation among our customers for fair dealing; prompt and courteous service; dependability and integrity.