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Ohio Bird Sanctuary
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The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is a private non-profit organization. Located on a 90 acre preserve the mission is carried out by providing three primary services: professional care for injured and displaced native birds, educational programs, and operation of a nature preserve and living museum that has been thoughtfully designed for accessibility. Avian rehabilitation services are provided by trained staff and a veterinarian. Ohio Bird Sanctuary staff are recognized as leaders in the field, and our rehabilitation facilities are utilized as benchmarks for standard of care by the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

The Sanctuary provides educational and enriching programming on and off site. The Sanctuary’s educational outreach program is a unique dimension of our work as a wildlife center in Ohio. Our educational programs intertwine conservation and stewardship into a science-based curriculum. The Sanctuary staff are highly educated professionals in the field of environmental education. All head staff  have degrees in Zoology or Environmental Science and stay current on new programming initiatives by regularly attending education seminars and workshops. We provide in-classroom, environmental and life science-based education throughout Ohio serving our local districts and any school districts lacking similar nature education programming. The Sanctuary’s approach is to provide an educational continuum with programs designed to foster “Global Citizenship” -- the idea that we all live, as citizens, on the same planet Earth. The Sanctuary continually seeks ways to engage children and youth of all ages with nature (through classroom outreach, field trips, nature camps, home school sessions, family events, Junior Volunteers, Junior Naturalists, and Internships for college students). Our outreach programs for schools can be customized for students in elementary school, junior high or middle school, and up to high school. The Sanctuary’s onsite group programs include summer camps for children ages 6-12 and a Junior Naturalists group for youth ages 13-18. Children who age out of camp are encouraged to apply as Junior Naturalists or continue as Junior Volunteers with the Sanctuary. As an integral part of our educational programs, the Sanctuary’s “wildlife ambassadors” are impeccable examples of their species. They serve as living examples of life science terms and concepts required for third, fourth, and fifth grade curriculum.

AVIAN REHABILTATION: The Sanctuary’s rehabilitation facility includes a clinic, food preparation area, recovery rooms, and flight enclosure used to condition birds for release. The flight enclosure is an innovative octagonal design. It allows large raptors such as eagles and falcons to fly continuously which provides necessary conditioning for a successful release. The value of rehabilitation of native birds is greater as a public service than a conservation effort. The Sanctuary provides a place for the public to seek care for birds they have rescued free of charge. This serves the need of the individual and provides the animal with humane and proper care. Every time an individual contacts the Sanctuary for assistance, we have the opportunity to share the natural history of the species and provide guidance for future encounters that could aid the animal to remain in the wild.

NATURE PRESERVE: The Sanctuary’s preserve is located on 90 acres at the head of the Clear Fork Reservoir. This area was formed as glaciers receded after the last ice age creating moraines (rolling hills). This topography and the diversity of ecosystems is home to numerous plant and animal species found nowhere else in Richland County. Over 50 species of birds utilize the Sanctuary as a nesting area. Our hiking trails wind through the preserve and include a boardwalk accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.