Nanogate North America LLC

Nanogate North America LLC
  • 150 E. Longview Avenue
  • MANSFIELD, OH, 44903
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We are one of the world's leading technology companies for design-oriented, multifunctional components and surfaces. We design and produce innovative solutions which improve the capabilities of surfaces, materials, and components-leading the way in the development on Intelligent Surfaces, Artificial Metals, and New Mobility.

More than 400 employees work at Nanogate North America every day to meet the needs of their customers, producing high-quality injection-molded parts as well as enhancing plastics with sophisticated surfaces. Outstanding quality standards and high production efficiencies have made Nanogate North America a preferred partner for its many customers.

Our vision is to be a technology leader, whose products and designs are seen, felt and touched by the consumer every day and everywhere. From the door of the fridge in your kitchen, the sink in your bathroom, to the interior or exterior of the car you drive to work – we enable the products that our customers make, look better, last longer, be lighter to reduce energy consumption or be more intuitive due to the integration of electronics.

With expertise and technology from Nanogate
•electronics, multifunctionality and high-quality design are combined.
•surfaces are given new properties and additional functions.
•plastics are put to use in ground-breaking areas of application.
•completely new operating concepts are developed for devices of all kinds.
•products are given environmentally friendly properties.

·         Leading manufacturer in forward automobile lighting

·         Premium decorated interior automotive components

·         Environmentally Friendly, multi-functional Bright Chrome finishes

·         Caring people making a difference in our community

We create value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees, and for the environment and society