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Providing Moving Services for over 50 years

When it comes to moving, we believe in providing top-of-the-line products and services with a flexible, well-trained crew that can meet any customer’s specific needs. But what really sets Dearman apart, is the fact that we value your possessions just as much as you do. The importance we place on moving and protecting your possessions stems from our core beliefs.

We Value Your Story
Your possessions are worth more than the dollar amount others assign to them. Their value is decided by you, the stories you wrote on them and how they reflect who you are. Because we understand your possessions this way, we treat the moving process a little differently than others. Stories are our priority and above all else, we want to assist in transitioning your stories as quickly and safely as possible into the next chapter!

Your Family’s Possessions Are Stories
Dearman believes that possessions are stories. They reflect who you are and what you stand for. They are the canvas you’ve written your story on, the tangible proof of the time you spend with people you cherish. If your possessions could talk, they would tell tales of where you started and how you got where you are now.Our team sees your stories when we move at them, where you rocked your kids to sleep before they grew up too fast, the tools Dad used to teach you how to change the oil in your first car, the utensils Great Grandma used to teach you how to bake her famous cookies.We understand we are moving more than just your belongings, we are moving the things that make up your Life Story.

Join the Team!
We are looking to expand our Team and Service area. Are you a top driver (CDL not required – local/short-haul) or helper who has a positive attitude and likes to have fun? We are looking for people with great character and integrity. Do you go out of your way to provide the best service to the customer, always have their teams back, and do whatever it takes to get the job done and done right? If so, then we want to talk to you. Our drivers are guaranteed to make between $20-$25/hour and our helpers make $15-$20/hour with potential for more and other benefits including 401k, health insurance, cash rewards bonuses, paid time off and more.