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TRAMEC SLOAN owes its history to entrepreneurial Americans who believed that manufacturing quality products with great service provides an exceptional value to the industry. Every day, the people of Tramec Sloan live by these beliefs established by our founders.

The machining department at Tramec Sloan consists of 60 plus employees from Management, Supervision, Scheduling, Tool Room, Maintenance, Leads, Set-up Operators, machine operators, Parts washers, and Material handlers.  We have an average of 75 machining stations that consists of ACME, Davenport, CNC, Rotary Transfers, Hydromats, Secondary, parts washing, Forging, and high speed machining (BTB).  The Tramec Sloan machining division focusses primarily on brass fittings with a range of 90,000 LBS – 180,000 LBS of brass rod a week with an average of 3 million fittings produced a month.  The average fitting is produced in less than 10 seconds.

The hot brass forging machine was installed August 2015. This machine traveled all the way from Girona, Spain. This machine takes brass rod and forges it into shapes like 90 degree elbows and tee shaped fittings. This machine can use brass rod up to 14 foot long! That’s about 2000 parts per hour. This machine runs at about 1200-1300 degrees Fahrenheit when running, and the parts are at about 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit when they exit the machine. Only 4 companies in America to have this technology.

Manufactured by the BTB Transfer Spa (Bovezzo, Italy) and installed in January 2017, the BTB machine is a high speed machine capable of producing up to 900 parts per hour. It uses 8 work holding stations on a rotary table with 13 CNC controlled machining units, and a vision system with robot for part loading. This equipment allows the BTB to machine forged or slug parts from 3 different directions simultaneously. The BTB is capable of producing straight, 90 degree elbow, and tee shaped parts.

The quality department performs inspection on approximately 3 million parts produced in our machining area each month. The quality department performs testing representative of approximately 200,000 hose assemblies each month. There are 7 total associates working in the quality department.  The quality department has approximately 140 years of collective experience in the quality profession.

The IFP KP 200 Parts Washer is the newest piece of equipment in the building. It was installed in July 2017. Sold by Gosiger out of Dayton, Ohio; this machine originates from Venice, Italy where its manufacture, Industrial Finishing Plants is located. This parts washer washes under vacuum conditions in an alcohol based solvent. This makes it capable of washing both brass and steel parts. The machine can wash up to 400 pounds of product every 15 minutes. This is faster than all 3 of our old washers combined. The new washer also cleans and protects the parts better. This machine uses less electricity, water, and consumables.

Brass Fittings For Nylon Tube Assembly

•       Produce Fitting to ship direct and supply Tramec-Sloan warehouse in Holland, MI. Produce bulkhead fittings to supply hose production in Galion and Iola, KS. Order sizes from 10 piece to 20,000. Produce as many as 1,250,000 fittings per month. 1/4”  3/8” & 1/2” Nylon tube fittings. Over 5 million components used per month in production

Assemble Air Brake Hoses For Large and Small Trailer Manufacturers

•       Assemble hoses per Customer orders. Order sizes from 1 piece to 8,000.  Produce as many as 165,000 hoses per month.  1/4”  3/8” & 1/2” hose diameter.  Over 6 million feet of hose used per year  -  Enough hose to cover the distance from Galion, OH to Key West FL.

Tramec Sloan, LLC. is a part of the Tramec LLC family, which has facilities located throughout the United States. Along with competitive pay, our benefits include medical & RX, dental, vision, 401(k) matching, paid vacation, 10 paid holiday's, tuition reimbursement program, company sponsored uniform program plus much more!