Hord Family Farms

Hord Family Farms
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The Hord family is in it's 5th generation of family farming, with over 100 years of farming heritage. Located in North-central Ohio, Hord Livestock and Family Farms is a pig, cow and grain farm. Our team of talented individuals and growing partners strive to raise our animals with care, and utilize modern and advanced farming practices to be efficient and sustainable.


 We raise our pigs from birth to market, and feed them a hormone-free, predominately plant-based diet consisting primarily of corn and soybeans. Our feed may also include wheat or barley, and has vitamins and minerals added to balance dietary requirements for each stage of growth.

 The pigs are born in a birthing barn, where each sow (mother pig) has individual quarters to birth her piglets and to adequately provide nourishment for her young. At around three weeks of age, the pigs are weaned from the sow and placed in a nursery with other piglets their age. 

 After outgrowing the nursery, the pigs take a ride to the growing barn, where they are happy to roam their pens and eat freely until they reach market weight.


 Our cattle are raised from feeder to market and are fed a diet of grasses and hays, supplemented with grains and minerals.

 The cattle are purchased from other cattle farms and are raised in open-air barns on fresh bedding. To further promote sustainability on our farms, our cattle location is powered by solar power!


 Along with raising animals comes the responsibility of having to feed them. On our farm, we primarily grow corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and barley. Since we do not grow all of the grain that we need, we purchase from our farming neighbors, too. We are able to partner with our farming friends, and still meet our needs to feed our animals. 


 In 2014, we announced our partnership with the Clemens Food Group, as well as a group of family-owned pork producers throughout Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, to build a fresh pork processing facility in Coldwater, Michigan. 

 This facility opened in the fall of 2017 and provides over 800 jobs to Coldwater and the surrounding communities. Our family is proud to partner with the CFG and other families to open this state-of-the-art fresh pork processing facility. A large portion of our market pigs will be processed at this facility.