Kimmel Corporation

Kimmel Corporation
  • 225 N. Sandusky Ave.
  • Upper Sandusky , OH, 43351
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In the early years, 1921 to 1931, Helen and Dale Kimmel operated a small tailoring and pressing business on State Street in Marion, Ohio.  In 1931, they purchased a local dry cleaning company and started Kimmel Cleaners, located on the south side of Upper Sandusky.  Its primary business consisted of wholesale dry cleaning, tailoring, and pressing.  This personal service with attention to detail and quality continues to be the foundation our company is built upon over 85 years later!  We are proud to be one of the few 4th generation led companies to be successful in our industry.

Through the years, our organization continues to evolve but has always kept the most important factor first in mind.  The Customer.  When you call us, we have dedicated reps who actually answer the phone to help direct who you need to speak with, not an automated answering service.  Our team takes great pride in earning the trust of those who allow us to provide our services to them.  It is our goal that we can enhance the lives of others allowing us to be not just a business partner, but an asset to their organization.

As our company continues to grow, we are committed to follow the best industry practices using a "green" approach.  This includes a decrease in natural gas consumption through recently installed heat reclaim systems.  Our dry cleaning processes use environmentally friendly fluids to minimize hazardous waste.  We continue to be proactive by investing in the most advanced technology allowing us to provide our customers positive experiences that exceed their expectations.  Our mobile route accounting system allows our service reps to deliver and manage invoices more effectively and efficiently.

Being a locally owned and operated company, we focus on supporting the communities that support us.  We believe that working with our local vendors in the best way to advance the economic viability and quality of life in these regions of Ohio.  Many times this leads to more personal and higher level of customer service that has a direct effect on the businesses we serve.