Carter Machine Company, Inc

Carter Machine Company, Inc
  • 820 Edward Street
  • 1026 Charles Street
  • Galion, OH, 44833
  • 419-468-3530
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Carter Machine Company was started in 1941. Through our 76 year history, we have designed, manufactured and repaired hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to the highest quality standards in our industry. Our design, manufacturing and repair practices are executed to provide the highest possible quality products with the longest possible life. Our products are built to provide dependability and quality for our customers. 

Hydranamics is our cylinder trade name. Hydranamics and Carter Machine are the same company. We operate out of 3 plants in Galion, Ohio and have cylinders in equipment all over the world. The most common uses for our cylinders are steel, alumimum and stainless steel mill equipment, baling equipment, fiber baling presses, material handling, mechanical presses, forging presses, railroad repair equipment, construction equipment, etc. We offer precision machining services and chrome plating as well.