Mohawk Local Schools

The Mohawk Local School District serves students who live in the villages of Sycamore, Melmore, and McCutchenville, and surrounding rural areas in Wyandot County, Seneca County, and Crawford County. The school district serves close to 1,000 students.

From Mohawk Superintendent, Ken Ratliff:

The mission of Mohawk Local School District is “Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges.” Our vision is “To be the premier K-12 school district in the area.” To this end, the Board of Education and I recently worked with the Ohio School Boards Association to develop a 3-year strategic plan. The plan addresses the following four goal areas:

1. Student Achievement and Instructional Excellence

2. Communications & Community Engagement

3. Fiscal Stewardship

4. Safety and Security

At Mohawk Local, students are prepared for success in college, career, and life through quality programs designed to meet the needs of all students. We believe collaboration between family, school, and community is necessary for students to get the most out of their school experience.

Academic growth is a high priority, but we also encourage students to get involved in extracurricular activities. Participation in athletics, music, drama, clubs, or student government; connects students with others having similar interests. Being involved also connects students to the community, through athletic events, programs, performances, and volunteerism. Extracurricular activities are a vital part of the student experience. They contribute to the intellectual, physical, and social growth. Participation also has a positive impact on character and other “soft skills” important to future success. Students learn the importance of hard work, dedication, commitment, teamwork, and dependability through their involvement.