Madison Local School District

Welcome to the Madison Local School District!

Madison Local Schools provides a challenging learning environment for each and every student. The PreK-12 academic demands are high to provide a greater opportunity for students after high school to be successful in any career path of their choice. Not only does Madison Local Schools provide a great PreK-12 experience, we also offer opportunities for adult education through the Madison Adult Career Center where competency-based instruction is provided for skill development.

Our desire is to ignite a passion in our students so that they may develop a curiosity for learning. We are committed to raising expectation, increasing achievement and preparing students for tomorrow. Madison students will be Career Ready. We recognize that there are several pathways for our students to choose on their way to a career. Madison Rams will graduate Career Ready prepared to make the decision to go college, enlist in the military, enter the workforce, or use the earned credential from our programs offered at Madison Comprehensive High School.

Madison Local Schools believes in building strong relationships and partnerships with our families and community so that ALL of our students can be successful. Our teachers work hard and are dedicated to providing quality instruction and strong responsive practices to student learning. We are a community of learners!

My name is John Thomas and I am serving as the Acting Superintendent of the Madison Local School District for this next school year.  I am an experienced superintendent with over 48 years of experience in the field of education.  I served as superintendent in Crestview Local Schools in Columbiana County, in Alliance City Schools where there is a comprehensive high school and adult education services much like here at Madison, and in Delaware City Schools.  I also served as the co-interim superintendent for the district next door (Mansfield City Schools) in 2010.  In addition to managing the daily operation of the school district, I will be interviewing every district employee to ask them what qualities and attributes they would like in the next superintendent and then I will summarize this in a report to the Board of Education by the first of the year.

It is also my plan to meet parents and community members at school events, organizational meetings and by attending meetings at local churches to ask the same questions I am asking the employees and then to listen.  My first priority is to meet with the employees.  Those meetings have already begun and will require my attention for the first half of the school year.  If you have something to discuss with me that can’t wait until after Christmas, you can reach me by email at: or by calling me at 419 589-2600.

I am honored and excited to be serving as the Acting Superintendent of the Madison Local School District and look forward to the upcoming school year.  Go RAMS!

John Thomas, Acting Superintendent
Madison Local School District