Temple Christian

Temple Christian School believes in a good, solid foundational education that a child can build his life around and upon. We believe every child’s education should be built upon good, strong academics, and should also emphasize core character building traits such as developing a strong moral compass based on God’s standards. A private, Christian education allows parents to afford their child a chance for development of his mind, body and soul in a safe, clean environment that is foundational for the healthy development of a child. Low student to teacher ratios allow for your child to be taught in an environment that can be tailored to your child’s specific learning needs. Teachers can be more aware of special situations and needs that may be overlooked in a large, overcrowded classroom. We all strive to give our children the best beginnings in life. We want them to feel special, loved, safe and cared for. We want to know that what our children are being taught academically and socially is in harmony with what our values are at home. You can rest assured that you will find that at Temple Christian School.

We offer computer classes, foreign language classes, advanced math classes, as well as a host of other opportunities for our high school students. Our elementary academics begins with a wonderful foundation in the Kindergarten department, which is built upon until your student graduates from high school. We offer a nice mix of traditional reading, writing and arithmetic classes, with a great mix of electives to choose from.

Many of our alumni have graduated to go on to college and have successful careers in chiropractic, nursing, business, accounting, politics, teaching, engineering, music, drama and a host of other careers. And since our emphasis is a Christian education, we are especially proud of our students who go on to Christian service.