Abraxas Youth & Family Services

Abraxas Youth & Family Services
  • 2775 SR 39
  • Shelby, OH, 44875
  • 419-747-3322
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Abraxas Ohio, located in Shelby, Ohio provides residential treatment services to adolescent males and outpatient treatment services to adolescents and adults. Abraxas has been serving youth and families for 25 years through partnerships with juvenile court systems and child caring agencies throughout the state of Ohio. We have continued to expand our service offerings as the needs of adolescents and their families have increased in complexity.

Many clients referred to our programs have co-occurring conditions such as substance use and mental health disorders, family dysfunction, trauma and abuse histories. We utilize multiple evidence and competency-based curricula. We have adopted the trauma-informed care principles of the Sanctuary® Model as a foundation for treatment. We are promoting safety and recovery through the active creation of a trauma-informed community at Abraxas Ohio.